Combined Flight Deck- / Edge- / Perimeter Light

CFD-EL Combined Flight Deck- / Edge- / Perimeter  Light

  • Combines 4 powerful light functions in one housing
  • Very compact and efficient design, suitable for naval ships
  • Multisensor self-controlled status monitoring
  • Humidity control

The Combined Flight Deck/Deck Edge Light (CFD/EL) is designed to mark the deck´s outer limits (perimeter circle) and illuminate the entire flight deck in a way which does not dazzle pilots vision. It has a low and compact housing profile, which is made of massive seawater resistant aluminum for performance in extreme marine environments.

The CFD/EL offers the following functions with customer specified color schemes:

  1. Deck Flood Light, illuminating the flight deck with a downward directed light beam (below the horizon) to illuminate only the flight deck. This light is also available in a very limited horizontal angle of not more than 10° to lighten particular deck markings.
  2. Deck Flood Light for NVG mode acc. STANAG 1445 (green),
  3. Perimeter Light with Visibility of abt. 2 nm from 0° to abt. 20°
  4. Deck Edge Light, >20° elevation, with low, dazzle free light intensity
  5. Helicopter Service Light (HSL) (optional), used after touch down to illuminate the helicopter for service, refueling, rearmament or crew/passenger exchange operations.

System integrity and operational reliability is controlled by Optonaval´s internal electronics combining multiple sensors measuring temperature, humidity and electric current, providing 24/7 monitoring of the CFD/EL´s status. In that respect, the CFD/EL will show an upcoming malfunction before it actually fails. Easily exchangeable standard dry agent cartridges provide effective absorption of residual humidity. Nitrogen filling -as alternative mode of humidity control- is available as optional feature.