Flush Insert Marking Light

FIML Flush Insert Marking Light

  • Flat marking light for aiming circle and H-markings
  • LEDs operating in a massive resin-block and metal casing
  • Power supply by inductive transmission
  • Multisensor self-controlled status monitoring

The Flush Insert Marking Light (FIL) is designed to light the heliport identification and position marking, aiming circle, landing-H and perimeter circle in an esthetic manner. The compact, solid and functional design of the FIL is made to excel in extreme marine environment conditions as well as in day and night operations.

The FIL provides the incoming helicopter pilot with important orientation about the dimensions and safe landing conditions on the Flight Deck.

Modern LED and induction technology provides energy saving, long life and low maintenance performance. Due to its solid molded structure, there is no possibility for moisture to enter within the LEDs or the electronics. Power is provided through inductive transfer and data control is by means of wireless optical transmission. Multiple sensors guarantee functionality and indicate if the lamp is impaired. The FIL can be easily exchanged by removing the FIL module from the provided deck recess.