Flight Control System / Touch Screen

Flight Control System / Touch Screen (Navy)

  • Touch Screen operation
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Integration of ship board navigation and weather data
  • Display of individual SHOL
  • Camera display plus thermal imaging (optional)

The limited space in navigation bridges and in flight deck control rooms calls for integrated monitoring and control equipment, from which the whole helicopter deck operation can easily be overseen. Optonaval have therefore developed a software which offers a touch screen user interface with intuitive controls. Just point to the desired element, for example, the deck edge lights and a control element will open, displaying the options for that element. The flight deck officer requires very little training to operate the system.

The software will, depending on the status, even offer dynamic texts consisting of actual NAV-Data combined with commonly used terminology, which the flight deck officer can use in his communication with the helicopter pilot.

The system does not only assist helicopter communications, but also the vessel’s command: Information over safe helicopter operations based on specific limitations of the particular helicopter on the vessel on which the system is installed. Limits, depending on wind, speed and the vessel’s design specification are taken into account, suggesting speed and/or course alterations to enable safe helicopter operations, including full helideck monitoring and reporting.

The software design and graphical user interface are prepared to integrate monitoring and control functions of other peripheral equipment on the helideck, such as firefighting, refueling or ground power supply with a depth of integration depending on the customer’s requirements.

An integrated camera offers a good view of the helideck and the approaching helicopter via the stabilized GPI platform.

Additional functions such as integrated drone operation management are under preparation and will further increase the systems versatility.