Integrated Drone System

Integrated Drone System

System enables full autonomous start and landing

  • Assisted by Airbus Deck Finder®
  • or landing on marker signature

System controls two drone types at the same time

  • ON DSR Multicopter by Euroavionics®
  • ON DLR VTOL Aircraft by Qlex®

Up to 6 drones in the air

Operation via intuitive touch screen PC

Predefined flight mission:

Short range surveillance (ON DSR: 45 min range)

  • Man over board
  • Paparazzi interception
  • Anchorage verification
  • Manouvering support for critical passages
  • Releasable payload 1 kg

Long range reconnaissance (ON DLR VTOL: 50 km circle, 300 km flight range, up to 6 hours airtime)

  • Piracy, Refugees recognition
  • Fishery protection
  • Iceberg recogniction (…)