Universal Indicator Light

UIL - Universal Indicator Light

  • One design for multiple lighting functions
  • Homing Beacon, Wave-Off Light, Obstruction Light, HIFR-Light ...
  • Modular setup for best tightness and minimal maintenance
  • Multisensor self-controlled status monitoring

The Universal Indicator Light stands for the Optonaval marine signal light family, a modular platform based on a universal housing design. The light can be varied in technical setup for various functionalities and performance levels. The rigid design of the massive seawater resistant aluminum body is optimized for performance in extreme marine environments.

The Universal Indicator Light is offered in different layouts and configuration and serves as

  • Homing Beacon
  • Wave-Off Light
  • Obstruction Light
  • Helicopter In Flight Refueling Light (HIFR)

Depending on the specific layout, the Universal Indicator Light is omnidirectional and emits light in any desired color through Hi Power LEDs with a visibility of at least 2 nautical miles in the basic setup. The visibility range, color configuration and specific horizontal and vertical light emitting angles can be adapted to customer requirements.
The functionality of the Universal Indicator Light is controlled by Optonaval´s internal electronics combining multiple sensors measuring temperature, humidity and electric current, providing 24/7 monitoring of the light´s status. In that respect, the light will show an upcoming malfunction before it actually fails.