Universal Traffic Light

UTL - Universal Traffic Light

  • Medium sized and powerful flat LED matrix panel
  • LEDs operating in a massive aluminum block casing
  • Customised colors and display schemes
  • Multisensor self-controlled status monitoring

The universal flat square signal light based on an RGB LED matrix panel that can be customized in color and displayed array / symbol. The rigid design in massive, seawater resistant aluminum is optimized for performance in extreme marine environments.

The UTL can be installed in many positions. Typical installations display a vertical line on the transom below the flight deck level and a vertical arrangement on the hangar wall. Together with the Deck mounted Line-Up Lights they form a straight line parallel to the centerline of the flight deck and provide a perfect set of reference markings for the horizontal alignment of the helicopter during final approach.

The 256 pixel RGBW LED matrix light source of this signal light platform offers a high level of customization options and can be integrated in a variety of naval safety and signaling systems. The light can display single colors, change colors and can display text or symbols with a resolution of 16x16 pixels (LEDs). A radiation screen provides excellent visibility in direct sunlight conditions. The functionality of the UTL is controlled by Optonaval´s internal electronics combining multiple sensors measuring temperature, humidity and electric current, providing 24/7 monitoring of the light´s status. In that respect, the light will show an upcoming malfunction before it actually fails.