Optonaval GmbH are leading experts in engineered helicopter operations. From early design stage, through project realization until final acceptance Optonaval support their customers to secure safe helicopter operations within the requested limits and specified regulations. In addition, they design, produce, integrate and maintain Helicopter Visual Landing Aid Systems (HVLAs) tailor-made for Naval Vessels, Mega Yachts, Cruise Ships, Research- and Offshore Patrol Vessels as well as the Offshore Industry.

Optonaval has designed a full new range of HVLAS equipment, serving all lighting purposes according to the international standards, such as CAP 437 or STANAG rules. In addition, Optonaval has created a universal and modular navigation light, which perfectly supports all required lighting tasks on ships.

Optonaval has realized a fully integrated monitoring system, connecting the individual peripheral equipment, e.g. firefighting, refuelling and ground power supply, to one control and monitoring station, thus setting a trend in today’s 4.0 technology. Further, emphasis is spent on enhancing the individual equipment to integrate additional functions. As example, the Optonaval Glide Path Indicator represents a motion stabilized platform for various devices. Apart from the glide path indicator, a high resolution and/or thermal camera can be installed. Following this path of product development, the users can reduce the complexity of systems, taking advantage of less operation and maintenance.

Following this line of development, Optonaval is integrating their on-board drone operation into the flight control system. Operating different drones for specific short- and long range tasks in a touch pad environment for autonomous flight operation and -landing is making use of high end equipment sold in cooperation with partnering companies.

Optonaval was founded in 2013 by a group of private investors around its leading engineer who aimed at profiting from his vast experience in the design of HVLAS equipment and pursue new roads to create excellent state-of-the-art products.

Optonaval is working from their manufacture workshops in the old port area of Hamburg-Harburg.