Customized Engineering

Every single project is different and so are the solutions which call for tailor made engineering. Optonaval are specialists for customized projects and products. Lights are regularly adapted to designers’ needs or special technical requirements. However, Optonaval also offers engineering expertise for independent design and engineering projects: The recent development of high precision stabilization platforms for marine applications serves as an example.

Projects often start with “off-the-shelf" products and end up with a unique and personalized solution.

Technical Support

Compliance with existing rules is daily business at Optonaval. Our experts assist in obtaining class approval, be it for a certified helicopter landing deck or selection and arrangement of navigation lights. Moreover, they define and secure the proper interface of their equipment and controls with the existing systems on board.


All Optonaval products are manufactured to the highest standards. Software development, detailed design, lay-out of PCBs, assembly and testing are performed by in-house staff, well-educated, experienced, and dedicated.


On-site assistance is part of the job, be it for installation support, setting-to-work or final commissioning. Wherever the ship sails or the customer calls, we will be there to assist.

Refit and Modernization

Starting with a local survey, listening to customer’s requirements, studying the existing but obsolete installation, these steps form the basis of a successful modernization. Our engineers won’t rest before a solution for each and every individual problem is found. So, partnering with Optonaval will pave the way to a project realization as it should be: on time, within the budget and to the technical specification.

After Sales

Ship owners can rely on Optonaval’s through-life support rendered at different options. Having the green light of the owner Optonaval can monitor the status of the systems on board with web-based applications. Maintenance jobs would be scheduled just on demand. Alternatively, Optonaval accepts maintenance agreements, based on which regular on-site surveys and repairs are executed. In any case, availability of spares is granted, and software updates will be supported during the lifetime of the ship.