Deck Edge - /Perimeter Light

CD-PERL - Deck Edge - /Perimeter Light

  • Combines 2 light functions in one housing
  • Installation on deck but below deck
  • Multisensor self-controlled status monitoring
  • Adapts to surrounding deck surface and -designs

The combined Perimeter / Deck Edge Light is designed to mark the deck´s outer limits (perimeter circle) in a way which does not dazzle pilots vision. This version is to be mounted on the steel or aluminum deck before the final deck covering , e.g. teak, resin compound or alike is applied, by which it is finally surrounded. The housing is made of massive seawater resistant aluminum for performance in extreme marine environments.

The Light offers the following functions with customer specified color schemes:

  1. Perimeter Light with Visibility of abt. 2 nm from 0° to abt. 20°
  2. Deck Edge Light, >20° elevation, with low, dazzle free light intensity

System integrity and operational reliability is controlled by Optonaval´s internal electronics combining multiple sensors measuring temperature, humidity and electric current, providing 24/7 monitoring of the CD-PERL´s status. In that respect, the CD-PERL will show an upcoming malfunction before it actually fails.