IWS Illuminated Wind Sock

The Optonaval Illuminated Windsock (IWS) is designed for day and night operations in CAP437 installations and works as a stand-alone unit. The IWS is dismountable and is packaged in a compact container. It is powered by rechargable batteries easily assembled and safely installed in various locations.

Technical Details

3,7 V lithium cell / 4 W
-20 °C to 50 °C
IP 66/67
Windsock: Ø 310x1800 mm
Pipe: Ø 120x2440 mm
approx. 12 kg
aluminum grey

Datasheet 3D Model Integration Drawing
IWS - Ø 310x2748x1800 mm – Rod thread connected
IWS - Ø 310x2748x1800 mm – Rod pin lock connected