SGL Stop & Go Light

The Stop & Go Light is a large and powerful flat-shaped square signal-light with a RGB LED matrix display which can display various colors and / or symbols in the context of the Helicopter Visual Landing Aid System (HVLAS). The SGL is NVG compatible acc. to STANAG 1445. The rigid design in massive, seawater resistant aluminum is optimized for performance in extreme marine environment.

Technical Details

48 V DC / 10 W
-25 °C to 45 °C
IP 66/67
380×380×61 mm
approx. 9 kg
RAL Classic

Datasheet 3D Model Integration Drawing
SGL - 380x380mm - RD
SGL - Monitoring and Control Unit

The 1024 Pixel RGB LED display light allows for various customization options regarding colors and symbols to be displayed.
The standard colors are green, red and amber. A green circle symbol stands for “GO”, a red lying cross stands for “STOP” and an amber triangle stands for “Attention”or “Expect Further Clearance” (EFC). In NVG-mode all symbols are displayed in green. A radiation screen provides excellent visibility in direct sunlight conditions.

The functionality of the Stop & Go Light is controlled by Optonaval´s internal electronics combining multiple sensors measuring temperature, humidity and electric current, providing 24/7 monitoring of the light´s status. In that respect, the light will show an upcoming malfunction before it actually fails.