PDSFL-R Perimeter, Deck and Service Flood Light

The Optonaval Perimeter, Deck and Service Flood Light (PDSFL-R) is designed to offer an almost deck even Perimeter Light which does not create any obstacle for persons walking along the deck. The FDEL offers an elegant and minimalistic design with no visible screws and will optimally fit into an ambitious deck layout.

Technical Details

48 V DC / 70 W
0 °C to 50 °C
IP 66/67
Retractable-Light: Ø 218x125 mm Installation-Pot: Ø 230x428 mm
approx. 12,5 kg
RAL Classic

Datasheet 3D Model Integration Drawing
PDSFL-R - Ø218x125mm - GN - Internal Pneumatic Box
PDSFL-R - Ø218x125mm - GN - External Pneumatic Box

The Optonaval PDSFL-R combines three different functions to illuminate the flight deck in the best possible way:

  1. Perimeter Light (PERL) - The Light is aimed at providing light from abt. 0° (horizontal) upwards with a characteristic along CAP 437 requirements for Perimeter Lights.
  2. Deck Flood Light (DFL) – equipped with a downward directed light beam to illuminate only the flight deck. This light is also available in a very limited horizontal angle of not more than 10° to illuminate particular deck markings.
  3. Helicopter Service Light (HSL) (optional) - used after touch-down to illuminate the helicopter for service, refueling, crew/passenger boarding.

The Light comes with Optonaval´s standard Multi Sensor Electronics, measuring multiple modes of operation, detecting an upcoming malfunction before the Light might fail. It can also be operated by customer supplied (existing) control systems with a simple on/off functionality. The mode of installation can be anything like welding, bolting, gluing, both from above and below deck.