DEL Deck Edge Light

As a member of Optonaval’s product range illuminating and indicating the landing deck area, the Deck Edge Light - Convex (DEL-C) provides light from abt. 0° (horizontal) upwards. It is almost flush integrated in the deck without creating any obstacle for people working on the deck. With these characteristics it is usually integrated along the stern line of the deck, as the Combined Flood and Deck Edge Lights, are positioned long side.

Technical Details

48 V DC / 10 W rated
-32 °C to 49 °C
IP 66/67
Ø156 x 124 mm
approx. 2,5 kg
stainless steel

Datasheet 3D Model Integration Drawing
Deck Edgel Light - Convex

In case the compartment just beneath the Deck Edge Light needs to be completely watertight and airtight, Optonaval recommends integrating the DEL-C into a mounting pot welded into the deck. Please refer to the related ON documentation. The light intensity can be dimmed in 65K steps, configured in eight or more user defined levels via the control system.

The DEL-C is compatible to Night Vision (NVG) mode according to STANAG 1445 / Stage 2, details depending on the selected light colour.

System integrity and operational reliability is monitored by multiple sensors measuring temperature, humidity, and electric current. These internal electronics provide constant monitoring of the DEL-C status and ensure that degradations and failures can be detected generally before such event.

Benefit of the electronic features is granted in combination with Optonaval’s software suite Albatross, starting with the module AlbaNavy. Please refer to the relevant Software Documentation.