LUL Line Up Light

The Line-Up-Light ́s round and very flat corpus is designed for direct integration into the flight deck. The light beam is directed aft with a horizontal spread of ± 40 degrees relative to the vessels center line. It signals a steady white light or other colors with a vertical elevation of 0 – 10 degrees towards the incoming helicopter.
The rigid and ultra-flat design is optimized for obstacle-free flight deck operations, high deck loads and performance in extreme marine environments. The light can be programmed for any desired light sequence (steady, blinking, flash, sequenced flash ... ).

Technical Details

48 V DC / 6 W
-20 °C to 50 °C
IP 66/67
Light : Ø 210x66 mm
Mounting Frame: Ø 219x12 mm
approx. 2,2 kg
customer specific

Datasheet 3D Model Integration Drawing
LUL - Ø210mm - WH

When equipped with a second green LED the LUL is NVG compatible acc. STANAG 1445.
The Line-Up Lights are typically installed in a straight line on or parallel to the centerline of the flight deck. Combined with the Vertical Drop Line Light (VDL) located aft on the transom and Extended Line Up Light (ELUL) mounted forward on the hangar wall they provide a set of reference markings to assist the helicopter ́s horizontal positioning (line up) during the final approach.
For optimal integration into the flight deck the LUL has a height of only 12 mm above deck. With a gradually sloped housing it poses minimal obstacle to flight deck operations. The functionality of the LUL is controlled by Optonaval ́s internal electronics combining multiple sensors measuring temperature, humidity and electric current, providing 24/7 monitoring of the light ́s status. In that respect, the light will show an upcoming malfunction before it actually fails.